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 RESULT -The Kodinar Taluka Co. Operative Bank

About us

Our “Client First” approach provides focus, commitment to help our clients achieve their business objectives. believes that everyone is often capable of doing great things. They are able because they think they are able. Ability is of little account without Opportunity & Opportunity comes through Work. Work is the beginning, the middle & the end of success. What turns the ordinary into extraordinary is the extra we put in.

Thus, our aim is to serve you, our aim is to work for you, our mission is your ‘OBJECTIVE’ & we never compromise on our work. Thus be assured of quality services from the day one & look forward for ‘YOUR’ Success, let you be the employee, employer or Staffing agencies.


To connect right employee to right employer in any part of world, help employee built their career & support clients to create Global enterprises.


Our vision is to provide best, cost effective and innovative services in its class for employee, employers and consultants across.


As per zodiac sign every individuals are defined into category of four elements in this universe viz., Water, Air, Fire & Earth. One method of getting a broad feel for an individual's psychological makeup is to look at the composition of the chart in relation to the elements. Basically each zodiac sign has a element assigned to it as follows: Aries - Fire; Taurus - Earth; Gemini - Air; Cancer - Water; Leo - Fire; Virgo - Earth; Libra - Air; Scorpio - Water; Sagittarius - Fire; Capricorn - Earth; Aquarius - Air; and Pisces - Water.

Check your zodiac sign know yourself which element you fall in. In-depth detail shall help you in understanding which field of career shall help you towards growth & happiness. Definitely, it should be supported by education & your attitude, which in professional terms is defined as Intelligence Quotient [IQ] and Emotional Quotient [EQ] but most of the time if you study in Zodiac signs in detail you shall find yourself, work which gives you immense work satisfaction or happiness is predefined in your zodiac sign as per your given Zodiac element. We have put our efforts to enlighten ‘You’ traditional and modern way to select right career path and that’s how the name is

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Client Services

Executive & Board

As a Retained executive search firm we work with client organization to provide senior level executives (Directors, CEO, CFO, Presidents, C-Suite Profiles) or specialized professional positions, thereby finding leaders that build winning businesses.

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Recruitments & Temp

The ever Increasing Demand for Recruiting the Right Employee, for Right Job At Right Time has Always been a Problem for the Management. HERE WE ARE WITH THE SOLUTION.

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Recruitment Process

Large global companies as well as consultants benefit by outsourcing their various recruitment processes including critical ones like research and knowledge management.

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International Hiring, Permanent
Residencies & VISA support

We, as generation next are global citizens staying in Global village, where talent & only talent is basic necessity for Organizations across. We help you to full fill those gaps both for employer & employee giving them end to end services...

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